Community Safety Standard for Buildings


The Community Safety Standard for Buildings (CSSB), the Businesses - Community Safety Standard (B-CSS) and the Safety Smart Certification Standard (SSCS) are owned and updated by the Community Safety Commission Inc., a non-governmental organization (NGO), which is not for profit.
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Public Safety Standards

The CSSB and the B-CSS provides the framework for the continuum of public safety. These standards use a whole-of-society approach to community safety and well-being, which by design requires minimal investment of time and resources from stakeholders but yields exponential increases in public safety and efficiency. Simply put the CSSB applies to large buildings and facilities while the B-CSS applies to smaller buildings and facilities, including business improvement districts (BIDs) and business improvement areas (BIAs).


The Safety Smart Certification Standard (SSCS) exemplifies commitment to reducing risks and to help prevent victimization by adopting approved safety smart technologies and processes that adhere to specific articles of the CSSB and/or the B-CSS. The certifications are successive in nature, permitting all parties to adopt a phased in straightforward approach.


The standards are joint Canada-USA standards.  Specifics are detailed in the standards. The CSSB and the B-CSS, are complementary to existing fire safety standards for buildings and facilities.  

Many jurisdictions are expected to adopt these standards, in whole or in part, and incorporate them into their laws, which will then make compliance mandatory.

Public Safety Council Corp

The Public Safety Council Corp provides the infrastructure, tools, resources, and approves of third-party solutions that support the Community Safety Standard for Buildings

Apply to become an Approved Community Safety Practitioner

To apply for accreditation as an Approved Community Safety Practitioner as per CSSB A22-03, please complete the on-line application administered by the Public Safety Council Corp.

Safety Smart Certifications for Buildings and Facilities

As per CSSB A22-15 is administered by the Public Safety Council Corp via Approved Community Safety Practitioners.

Safety Smart Certifications for Cities and Communities

As per CSSB A22-15 is administered by the Public Safety Council Corp.

The problem with current mass notification systems.

Current classes of mass notification systems are not used during the initial 10 minutes of a critical event, preventing building management and occupants from being aware of the emergency. These systems therefore fail to reduce the risk, prevent victimization and protect occupants and/or residents.

Most Mass Notifications are not used during the initial 10 minutes of the emergency
This delay in the use of the mass notification system means that building management and occupants are not aware of the emergency.
Management are made aware of the emergency earlier
The Swivel app ensures early and accurate information is sent and received
Management don’t want to “cry wolf”
The Swivel app ensures that only relevant information is transmitted from a verified source such as Police/Sheriff or Fire/Rescue
Management ponder on what direction, if any, should they send
The Platinum-10 messaging dashboard’s ease of use along with Swivel’s trusted information make the response process simple and very effective

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